Get Bitcoin – Israeli OTC Service

Get Bitcoin over the counter trades offer an exchange of values between different peers without using an exchange.

The service are often used by institutional investors.
Block-size Capital specialized on OTC Trading for the cryptocurrency market.


    BUY & SELL Big Amounts.
    Get Bitcoin inherits the role as a third-party, connecting the buying and selling side while establishing the necessary trust between them.

    Connecting Buy and Sell Side of Crypto Investor

    We understand that OTC deals require a high level of trust between buyers and sellers and a maximum of confidentiality with regards to broker and trustees.

    Since we act according to industry standards of financial transactions with the support of legal advisors and notaries,
    we can perform international OTC trades fast and secure.

    The following services will be provided:

    • Easy and fast access to crypto currency trades with fiat money within a highly secure and legally compliant framework
    • High volume trades without market impacts
    • OTC (over the counter) trades to buy or sell large amounts of cryptocurrencies
    • Flexible withdraw and deposit of fiat currency
    • State-of-the art infrastructure for low latency trading, secure handling of funds and highest availability of hard-and software.

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    Get Bitcoin Online Team

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to build, grow and guide how institutions, entrepreneurs and investors can seamlessly enable a bold new world of blockchain-powered truth, trust and prosperity.

    Noa Maksimilian

    Noa Maksimilian

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    Business Name: Feature Digital
    VAT Number: 308634682
    Full Address: Carmel 11 / 55 Rehovot, Israel